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Reviewing the White Epona Friesian

Reviewing the Oreo Epona Friesian

Over the past couple of weeks I've been reviewing the Star Stable Friesians.

You can see my review of the Star Stable Oreo Epona Friesian, here.

And of my favorite Star Stable Friesian, the Black Epona Friesian, here.

Today I'm reviewing the Star Stable White Epona Friesian!

She's exactly the same as both the Black Epona Friesian and the Oreo Epona Friesian, except for her coloring.

She has a beautiful, glistening white coat with a matching thick and flowing white mane and tail.

And, as you'd expect from a Star Stable Friesian, she's stunning!

Today I'm going to tell you all about her, show you her different gaits, and where to buy her.

You can find the White Epona Friesian in Crescent Moon Village on Star Stable.

Crescent Moon Village is circled in red on the map below.

The White Epona Friesian has a strength of 3, a discipline of 2, a swiftness of 0, an endurance of 0, and her agility is a 2.

Her level restriction is an 8 and you must have 890 Star Coins to purchase her.

Just like the other Friesians, the White Epona Friesian's gaits are very showy and elegant.

She holds the typical high-head carriage of her breed with an upright stance through her first 3 gaits


She has an upright walk that is very confident and elegant.


Her foot placement in the trot is both striking and delicate.


Her canter is smooth, graceful, and rhythmic.

Extended Canter & Gallop

In both her extended canter and gallop, she drops her head just slightly as she elongates through her back and engages from the hind end.


As with all Friesians, the White Epona Friesian has an impressive rear that is both beautiful and powerful.


Unlike other breeds, such as the AQH, who gathers and engages in the hind to reverse, the White Epona Friesian keeps a high-head carriage and merely moves back off of the leg.

Sliding Stop

The White Epona Friesian has a sliding stop. It's a little clunky, but it's effective.

Wild Horse

Left on her own to roam, romp, and play, the White Epona Friesian is stunning to behold and, like the other Friesians, a true testament to her breed.

That's my review of the White Epona Friesian.

Be sure to check out the video below reviewing the White Epona Friesian.

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