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Top 5 Star Stable Club Owner Mistakes

Top 5 Star Stable Club Owner Mistakes

Today I'm sharing the top 5 Star Stable club owner mistakes I see everywhere on Star Stable.

When you're done watching this video, hopefully you'll know how to prevent these mistakes if you're a Star Stable club owner.

Starting off with the first mistake, that usually happens with newer club owners, is being flaky.

Now you don't want to be flaky with your club events.

In the past, I was in a couple of different clubs where the owners didn't how up for their own club events.

And, they never helped to teach club lessons.

As a club owner, you want to make sure you show up to every single one of your club events.

And, if you can't, tell your club members. They're counting on you to lead them.

The second huge club owner mistake, that I see everywhere, is people not being unique and/or copying other clubs.

You do not want to copy another club's outfit or theme, their club name, their events, etc...

You want to have your own uniqueness.

You want to be an original, not a copy of someone else.

Being unique draws people into your club.

Copying another club actually pushes people away from your club.

Nobody wants to join a copy cat club.

Have a unique name, theme, outfit, etc... this will really help you and your club to stand out.

The third mistake is letting hate win.

As a club owner you're bound to get hate.

You need to have a really thick skin. Don't let it bother you.

Haters come from jealousy.

If you have a big Dressage club, or really any club, you're going to get some hate.

You might even get hate from members inside of your club.

My best piece of advice here is to make sure you never take criticism from people you wouldn't go to for advice.

Don't let the hate get to you.

They're jealous.

Move on. And, don't even respond to it.

You will never meet a hater doing better than you. I can promise you that.

The fourth club owner mistake is not controlling your club members outside of your club.

I tend to see this a lot at Steve's Farm, specifically.

It seems like a lot of the racing clubs and hang-out clubs are known for being mean and acting like bullies in Say Chat.

But inside their clubs they're known to have really sweet reputations.

As a club owner, it's really important to control your club members inside and outside of club chat.

As members of your club, they represent you and your club as a whole.

That is your club's reputation.

You want your club members to be respectful of everyone on Star Stable, and of your club's rules and boundaries.

If they're disrespectful, as a club owner, you need to do something about it.

You can give them a club warning, rank them down, or even possibly remove them from your club.

Even if you're a small club, it's quality over quantity.

Don't focus on numbers when it comes to your club members.

The fifth and final club owning mistaking is letting your mailbox get full.

As a Star Stable club owner, and as a YouTuber, I make sure my Star Stable mailbox stays empty.

You need to make sure your Star Stable mailbox stays empty, if you can.

I check my mailbox twice a day.

I check it in the morning and again in the evening, every single day.

Even doing that, my mailbox still gets full.

It doesn't matter the size of your club, you want to make sure your club members can contact you with issues or questions.

If your mailbox is full, they won't be able to do that.

Those are my top 5 Star Stable Club owner mistakes.

Whether you're a new club owner or an experienced club owner, I hope this video helped you.

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