• Quinn Ponylord

How to Own a Successful Club on Star Stable

I want to give you a few tips on how to own a successful club on Star Stable! First, it all starts with a good, solid name!

How to Own a Successful Club on Star Stable

Step One

Choose a good name.

I recommend you only use two words to make up your Star Stable club name.

And, keep it simple. You don't want a confusing name.

Here's a few examples of the types of Star Stable club names I'd stay away from:

Furious Jelly Society

Magic Whales Tribe

Golden Zebras Gang

Now here's a few examples of good Star Stable club names. They're short and catchy!

Iron Hooves

Royal Manes

Metal Queens

Also, don't name your club after another club, or try to piggy-back off of the name of a popular club.

Doing that takes away your originality and makes you look like a copycat.

Stand out on your own with a unique club name!

Step Two

Step two is all about your club's outfit. You want it to be unique to you and your club. Again, don't copy another club.

Put together a unique club outfit.

You don't want to look like another club. You want the members of your club to look like your club. You do that by having a club outfit that's your own.

When other clubs see you they'll know by your outfit which club you belong to.

Also, don't overspend. Make sure the pieces are reasonably priced and available to all of your club members.

Step Three

Make sure you're having lots of fun events to keep your club members engaged.

I hold events daily over the summer, when I'm out of school. But during the school year, I hold events every other day.

Do what works best for you and your club members.

Here's some fun event ideas:

Off Rail Dressage

Club Training Days

Game Days

Step Four

Be an active owner.

Hold events, train, do quests, etc...

And, be sure to check your Star Stable mail.

My mailbox is constantly full even though I check and clear it twice a day!

It'll take me a week or more to get back to everyone who messages me, so I make sure to actively work through my daily messages as fast as I can.

And I recommend you don't get involved with other video games. As a club owner, Star Stable will keep you very busy.

Step Five

Choose a discipline. I recommend only choosing one or two disciplines.

Here's some discipline examples:



Barrel Racing

Last Step

Have a solid set of club rules. Not too few and not too many.

Your club members need to know what to expect from you and your club and how they need to act within your club towards you and the other club members.

Here's a few rule ideas...

No Drama

Attend 4 events per week

Keep chat inside the club

I hope these tips on how to own a successful club on Star Stable were helpful. You can check out the video I did on how to own a popular club, below.

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