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Star Stable SSO Horse Shopping Spree!

Star Stable SSO Horse Shopping Spree

I got 2000 Star Coins for Easter, so I went on a Star Stable SSO Horse Shopping Spree!

Well, I actually bought other stuff, too!

Don't you just love getting Star Coins for gifts? I sure do!

I bought a couple of horses, some tack, and some clothes. So fun, right?

If you want to see what I bought, be sure to check out the video below.

So here's what I got...

Star Stable Horses

I've wanted a white Friesan horse for awhile. I even had her name already picked out. So I went and bought her! I was so excited to get a white Friesan!

I named her Royal Queen in honor of our club, Metal Queens! She's absolutely gorgeous, just stunning!

I think she looks even better wearing our club tack. It's like it was made for her. So cool.

In keeping with horses, I've wanted a Knabstrupper for awhile now, too.

So, I finally bought one!

I just love her coat coloring and shading. I named her Ember Blaze.

I like the name Ember for her because her eyes are an orange color, so it fits.

She is so cute! She's one of the Andalusian models, but with a different coat coloring.

I looked at different hairstyles for her, but didn't like them. So I'm leaving her as is, I just love her!


I also bought a couple of bales of hay because I was getting low and I don't have stable care.

I have 40 bales of hay now, which is nice!

Star Stable Tack

I also bought some really nice horseshoes for my six Friesans.

I spare no expense for my Dressage horses!

I ride them daily, so it's important that they have the best shoes.

I also bought a set of white mane and tail bows.

They're so cute and I love the way they look on my Knabstrupper.

Start Stable Clothes

I also bought some clothes for me!

I saw a pretty tank top that matches our club outfit perfectly. That was a cool find!

It's a great summer piece to wear with our club tack.

With the left over Star Coins I bought a pretty grey sweater.

It's the perfect sweater to wear while doing Dressage!

And that's everything I bought with my 2000 Star Coins during my SSO Star Stable Horse Shopping Spree! Not too shabby!

Be sure to check out my video below if you want to see everything I got.

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