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Inside a Star Stable SSO Dressage Club Lesson

Inside a Star Stable SSO Dressage Club Lesson

Today I'm going to take you inside a Metal Queens' Dressage club lesson.

I'm going over beginner and more advanced moves.

I recorded this lesson. You can watch it, below.

First, it's important to make sure everyone in your club knows how to do beginner Dressage moves.

These need to be set in stone to lay the foundation for more advanced moves later.

Let's get into it...

Comb Alignment

The first move we started off with was comb alignment.

You want to keep one horse length ahead of your lead at all times.

Have your members really watch their gaps. You want everything to look nice and tight.


You need a comb alignment for feather, as well.

It's a comb wave. Evens one way and odds the other, depending on how the commander calls it.


Rocket is just like feather, except you keyhole. Rocket is a keyhole wave.


Dodge makes an S shape. In Dodge you curl over one way then immediately, at the halfway point, curl over the other way.


Tango is a dodge wave. In tango odds dodge one way and evens the other.


In the video below I touched on Wave. In wave, when you have multiple lines, the order changes.

We also worked on Pivots. There are lots of different types of pivots that your club should know how to do.

Full Pivot

A full pivot is a 360 degree turn with everyone going in one direction.

Half Pivot

A half pivot is a 180 degree turn to the opposite direction.

Quarter Pivot

A quarter pivot is just one-half of a half pivot turn.

We also worked on our Basic Curls. You can see that footage in the video below.

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