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Reviewing the Star Stable Appaloosa

Reviewing the Appaloosa

I just bought the Star Stable Appaloosa!

The Appaloosas are older models, they've been around for awhile, but I just love them!

So, it was time to add one to my stable.

The Appaloosa has a strength of 2, a discipline of 2, a swiftness of 0, an endurance of 0, and an agility of 2.

Her level restriction is a 1 and you must have 890 Star Coins to purchase her.

I choose the name Marble Queen for her!

In case you didn't know, my horses "show names" all have either Queen or King at the end of them, in keeping with my club name, Metal Queens, of course!

This Appaloosa is so pretty! I love the pattern of her coat. It's super interesting.

Marble is probably going to be on of my favorite Star Stable horses! She is just so cute!

I decided to change her mane and tail to braids. I really like how they look on her.


The Star Stable Appaloosa has a very clunky walk, typical of the older model Star Stable horses.

Her trot is bouncy and rhythmic.

And, like the older Star Stable horses, the Appaloosas' canter is like an exaggerated rocking horse.

It's not nearly as smooth to watch as the newer Star Stable horses, but it's super cute and fun to ride!

In keeping with a true Appaloosa, this Appaloosa elongates through the extended canter with a medium-high head set.

Her head set isn't overly elevated like the Arabian nor low like the Quarter Horse, she's right in between as an Appaloosa would be.

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She picks up the gallop with a bit of a glitch in transitioning between gaits, but immediately smooths out and covers a lot of ground quickly.

Her sliding stop is a bit awkward but effective.

She easily moves off the leg and back when asked to reverse.

I think one of the Appaloosas' best features is her rear. It's fully extended and showy.

You can see all of her gaits, and how she moves as a wild horse, in the video below!

After we finished our ride we headed over to the Star Stable Mall and I picked up a few things while I had the extra Star Coins in my bank.

I purchased two knitted sweaters, the red knitted sweater and the yellow knitted sweater.

I then went into the saddle shop and purchased a Licorice Saddle. This is a western saddle. Maybe a little sneak-peek into a future video? I don't know... Stay tuned!

You can see my entire Star Stable Appaloosa review, and my quick shopping spree, in the video below.

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