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Reviewing the Halloween Pumpkin Fjord

Reviewing the Pumpkin Fjord

Today I'm reviewing the Star Stable Halloween Pumpkin Fjord horse.

The Pumpkin Fjord is a magical horse and it only comes out once a year on Star Stable for Halloween.

You can find this horse in Galloper's Keep.

The Pumpkin Fjord has a strength of 4, a discipline of 2, a swiftness of 0, an endurance of 0, and an agility of 1.

The Pumpkin Fjord is cold tolerant, which is great for exploring the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaurs.

The Pumpkin Fjord has a level restriction of 1 and you need 850 Star Coins to purchase him. I think he's well worth it because he's not too pricey and you get two different coats.

The Pumpkin Fjord's natural coat is a traditional dun color with a signature dorsal stripe down it's spine.

The Pumpkin Fjord's Halloween coat looks exactly like a pumpkin! It's spot on, especially his face!

The Star Stable Halloween Pumpkin Fjord is extremely detailed, especially on its legs and tail. One of the main reasons why I bought this horse.

I choose the name Pumpkin King for him!


The Pumpkin Fjord has a lumbering walk, just as you'd expect from a draught horse.

He has a very graceful yet strong trot that's hard to distinguish from his walk when merely observing him move out. Riding him is a different story!

If you like the look and feel of child's rocking horse, that's exactly what you'll experience with the Pumpkin Fjord's canter! It's very rhythmic yet powerful!

His extended canter covers more ground in that rhythmic rocking motion.

The Halloween Pumpkin Fjord puts all his power behind him when he moves out into a gallop. Beauty and strength in motion!

He has an effective sliding stop and gently moves off the leg to reverse.

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You can see all of the Star Stable Halloween Pumpkin Fjord's gaits, both of his coat colors, and how he moves as a wild horse, in the video below!

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