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Reading My Fan Mail

Reading My Fan Mail

Today I'm reading my fan mail!

I won't be able to put all the fan mail I've received into this one post, so be sure to keep an eye out for part 2!

You can also see where I answered them live in the video below.

Let's get reading...

The first fan mail message is from Sabina Emeraldsparrow. Sabina writes, "Hi May I'm Flash! And I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do. I love your videos so much!! They help me learn how to be a Queen and never give up! I would love to be in your club one day when I am older and learn more Dressage! BTW I AM YOUR BIGGES FAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD (Insert May: Awwwww!) If I was ever in your club, even if it was only for a day, that would be my dream that came true! Please tell your club how inspiring they are to me. Also, tell Bullet that because I love him too! Thank you again May for being such an amazing person and Queen! I will work hard so maybe one day I will join you and your amazing Queens! I LOVE YOU BAIIII!!!!"

That is SO sweet! Thank you so much, Sabina! I know my club is going to love hearing your message.

The next fan mail message is from Crystal Stormshield. Crystal writes, "I love your videos. Your club is the best Dressage club I have ever seen. My mind is blown how they get their timing right. Just wow."

Thank you, Crystal! I will say, we work very hard on our timing.

The next fan mail message is from Brooklyn Discolight. Brooklyn writes, "I am SUCH A BIG FAN. I have to watch LIKE ALL of your videos. I'm trying to unlock Epona so I can get the jet black Freezy. You are like the best. You are SO GREAT."

Thank you so much, Brooklyn! You're going to love the Black Epona Friesian! It's definitely one of my favorite horses in the game. You can check out the review I did on the Black Epona Friesian, here!

The next fan mail message is from Caitlin Seatalon (Chainsaw). Chainsaw writes, "OMG! I love your club and your (YouTube) channel. Haha! I am such a big fan, and really hope I can meet you one day. Also, your club reminds me of my club, Fire Foxes United. Your club has amazing timing and personality. I really hope you get this. I love you!"

Thank you, Chainsaw! That's so sweet! (Chainsaw joined Metal Queens a week later! Yay!! Welcome, Queen!!)

The next two fan mail messages are from Tia Stormthunder and Diana Dreamtree.

Tia writes, "AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I love your videos!" And, Diana writes, "Hey!!! Just wanted to see how you're doing and I LOVE your videos."

Thank you so much, both of you! And, I am doing great! Hopefully, you're both doing well, as well!

The next fan mail message is from Rebecca Haydragon. Rebecca writes, "I am your biggest fan! Metal Queens is awesome!"

Thank you so much Rebecca! I really appreciate it!

The next fan mail message is from Tierra Southroad (Phoenix). Phoenix writes, "Hi, I'm a big fan and I just wanted to say you and your club are amazing at Dressage. You were the one who got me into playing Star Stable. Have a good day, May."

Awww, thanks a bunch, Phoenix! I know my club will be really happy when they see your mail and I hope your day is going good, too!

The next fan mail message is from Annushka Coldwood. Annushka writes, "Tell the Metal Queens I love them and you are amazing at Dressage."

Thank you, Annushka! They will definitely see your message!

The next fan mail message is from Regan Sparrowsand. Regan writes, "Hi! Omg love your videos and you're really good at Dressage! I have a Dressage club and I see your videos."

Thank you, Regan. That's really sweet of you! I'm glad you own a Dressage club, that's really fun! I hope my videos are helping your club and I hope your club is going well!

The next fan mail message is from Kayla Snowhoof. Kayla writes, "Hi! You are my absolute favorite Star Stable player. I love you so much. Hope we can see each other in the game one day!"

Thank you, Kayla! Be sure you're watching my YouTube channel because we will be doing a Halloween Meet & Greet with my club and also one for the Holidays!

The next fan mail message is from Charlie Rosewave (Rose). Rose writes, "Hey May, So I know you don't know me, but I just wanted t0 say what you have done for me and my club. I started my club barely knowing anything and just wanting to have a nice club that felt like a family. I was so lost for the first few weeks, but an old member of yours joined my club for a little bit and convinced me to have a private lesson with Vic. (Vic is one of my club Leaders.) They were both so nice and non-judgmental, and it really pushed me to have better techniques and to learn more advanced moves. Funny thing is I had no idea about your YouTube channel until after this had already happened. I was so scared to say anything to you or your club because I thought I would sound weird. I saw you out earlier and was tempted to say something to you, but decided it would be better to mail you instead. What I am trying to say is thank you for helping me without knowing it. I get you might not see this and delete it, but it helped me get some pressure off my chest."

Thank you so much, Rose! That is so inspiring, honestly! That is so, so sweet. I'm so glad that my club helped you. And, that is so sweet of Vic!

See, this is what makes me happy!

The whole point of starting my YouTube channel was to help people and show people Star Stable Dressage moves that they've never heard of. And, to show club owning tips that most club owners don't share. So I really appreciate your message!

The last fan mail message I'm sharing today is from Bernadette Shipkin. Bernadette writes, "Hi May, I just wanted to say your last video was so funny. I loved it so much. Hope to see you sometime."


Thank you, Bernadette! I love that video, too! Bernadette is referring to my Balloon Skit video for Star Stables 9th Birthday celebration! You can watch it, here.

You can see all of the fan mail messages I answered here in the video below.

Sorry if I have not responded to your fan mail messages yet, I have a lot of fan mail messages left to respond to. I'm hoping to do another fan mail message video, and blog post, in the near future, so stay tuned!

Thank you all for the nice compliments! You're all so, so sweet!

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