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Rating My Star Stable Horses

Rating My Horses

Today I thought it'd be fun to rate my Star Stable horses!

I did a video rating my Star Stable horses. You can see it below.

I'm going to rate them from my favorite to my least favorite.

I don't have too many horses.

I'm going to move the horses I like the most to the left side of my barn and the ones I like the least to the right side of my barn.

I'm going to pull them out and show each one to you.

Coming in at number one is the Queen herself, Bullet Blood!

Coming in second is Onxy Mist.

Bullet Blood and Onyx Mist are my top two favorites!

I'm partial to my Friesians. I just love their coat colors. They're both so, so stunning and perfect for Dressage!

My third favorite horse, no real surprise, is Queen! Her show name is Royal Queen.

She is another of my Friesians.

In fourth place is Ember Blaze.

I like Ember's coat coloring, I think it's really interesting.

I don't like how big her hooves are.

I also don't like that Star Stable used the Andalusian gaits on her.

Other than those two things, I like her!

Iron Knight, aka Knight, is my fifth favorite horse.

I really like his shading.

But, I don't like his gaits.

Especially his canter, slower gallop, and gallop. Yeah, I pretty much don't like any of his upper level gaits!

I also don't like his rear.

But I rated him close to the top because he has such a cool coat color. I love it!

Next up is Brilliant Belle.

Belle is my sixth favorite horse.

I don't ride her that much because she's very, very stiff.

I rated Belle closer to the top because I like her coat coloring more than some of my other horses, and she can do the piaffe.

Her piaffe is super pretty and realistic.

In seventh place is Amethyst.

Just like with Belle, she's a bit too stuff.

She and Belle are just a bit too proud for my standards.

In eighth place is my Arabian, Echo Effect.

I adore this horse!

I just don't like how he has spider legs when he runs. But I think he is so, so cute!

Night Star is in ninth place.

I named her after the server we used to be on.

Night Star is special to me because she's the first horse I used for Dressage.

Her coat is just a bit too shiny for me, so that's why she's in ninth place.

Next is Tux, short for Tuxedo Trouble.

Just like my Arabian Echo, Tux is adorable.

But, his gaits are messed up! So that's why I rated him in tenth place.

Jade Walker is in eleventh place.

Jade is really cute, I just don't ride her that much so that's why she's in eleventh place.

I really love her coat coloring, though. It's really nicely done.

In twelfth place is Ultra Glory.

Ultra is the very first horse I bought with my Star Stable Star Coins.

Ultra has the same issue as Iron Knight.

Her faster gaits are a little bit funky, but her slower gaits are nice.

And, she's just kinda blah looking, so that's why she's in twelfth place.

Next is Solo Madness.

Solo is just adorable!

I love the Star Stable Starter Horses!

Since Solo is a starter model, I just don't ride him at all. That's why he's in thirteenth place.

Other than that, he's great!

In fourteenth place is Grim Dale. He's ok.

I just really don't like his coat coloring.

His black is just a little too light and that's throwing him off for me.

In fifteenth place is one of my two ponies.

Yes, my ponies are going to be at the bottom because they're ponies, and not full grown horses.

So in fifteenth place is Cookie Mania because he's a pony.

I like Cookie better than my other pony. I like his coat coloring.

In sixtieth place is Pop Pie.

She's last because I don't like the gap between the rider's legs and her body.

It's a really big gap, even with a saddle on. It just looks really strange.

She also looks really bony and sickly.

I just don't like the way she looks. That's why she's in sixtieth place.

And that's it! That is how I rated my horses.

Now I'm going to go put them back into their stalls with my favorites on the left side and my least favorites on the right side of the barn.

Be sure to check out the video below so you can see each of the horses I rated.

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