• Quinn Ponylord

Private SSO Elite Dressage Lesson

I gave a private Elite Dressage lesson to two members of Metal Queens, Stef and Coco.

Private SSO Elite Dressage Lesson

We worked on 4 moves: Galaxy, Milky Way, Butterfly, and Ribbon!

If you want to see how the lesson went, be sure to check out our video, below!

I'll breakdown here the moves we worked on and briefly how to do them.

How to do Galaxy

Galaxy is an orbit fate. It's basically a walk, canter, fate.

It's called with two goes. You walk half of it and canter the half of the fate.

The timing of Galaxy makes it an Elite Dressage move.

Galaxy can be very messy. If you let it get away from you, it can get sloppy very quickly.

You need to make sure your timing is spot on when doing Galaxy.

Practice, practice, practice and you'll nail it!

How to do Milky Way

Milky Way is basically a Galaxy Wave: odds go one way and evens the other.

How to do Butterfly

Butterfly is a Bee Curl Fate. It's a trot fate then a canter fate.

The first fate you trot and the next one you canter, just like Bee Curl but in a fate. Do a double.

This is a tricky one. You need the transitions to be perfect or it'll look horrible and super sloppy.

Take your time and practice, practice, practice! You'll get it!

How to do Ribbon

Ribbon is a pretty simple move.

On the first go you comb, on the next go you keyhole the same way you combed, then merge.

I know it helps to see these moves in action so be sure to check out the Elite Dressage lesson video below!

I want to give a special shout out to Stef and Coco for doing such an awesome job!

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