• Quinn Ponylord

Never Give Up

Never Give Up

The start of everything in life begins with a challenge.

It's not going to be simple, not at first.

If it was simple, everyone would do it.

Everyone would exceed at it.

Everyone would love it.

All that matters is that you show up and try your best.

For Dressage (on Star Stable and in real life) you have to show up.

You have to want it.

You have to practice, practice, practice.

You have to have drive, determination, and will power. Even when it gets hard.

Especially when it gets hard!

You will have people that judge you, discourage you... try to knock you down.

You will have people that say and do mean things to try and hurt you.


Because they can't do what you do.

Because you do Dressage.

Because you're in a club.

Because you have a small club.

Because you have a large club.

Because you're doing things they're not doing.

They don't have the drive or determination to do what you do.

Because they don't have the will power you do.

Because... they're jealous of you!

I'm going to give you my #1 best piece of advice that I hope you take to heart when someone is throwing shade your way...

Other people's opinions of you are none of your business.

I'm going to say that again. Listen... really listen:

Other people's opinions of you are none of your business!

You keep doing what makes you happy. What lights you up. What you want to do, despite what others think or say about you.

The only opinion you need to care about is your own!

You're going to have ups and downs.

Sometimes it's going to be hard, and other times it's going to be easy.

You're going to fail... over and over again.

Failure is how you learn.

Failure is how you grow.

Each failure takes you one step closer to perfection!

Life isn't easy.

Dressage isn't easy.

The hard work, dedication, and determination you put in isn't easy.


It's definitely worth it!

Go. Get. Your. Dream!

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