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Intermediate Dressage

Intermediate Dressage

Intermediate Dressage is one of the segments in my Dressage Mastery Series.

If you're a beginner just starting out with Star Stable Dressage, this tutorial will help you to learn and master the moves that most Dressage clubs use in SSO!

If you've been around awhile, you'll know most of these Intermediate Dressage moves, and this tutorial will be a good refresher for you!

Intermediate Dressage will teach you some of the more mid-level SSO Dressage Fundamentals.

Amazon: Twist in a rein, tier, or waterfall.

Bird: A dodge revolve.

Bounce: Dodge then curl out. (One go).

Box Curl: Comb on 1st go, cut away from lead on 2nd, comb back to wall on 3rd, then merge to lead at wall.

Branch: Twig curl wave. (2 goes).

Bumble: Bee curl wave.

Double Cut: It's like tier but the first 3 riders comb, rest follow in that order.

Fish Hook: Odds curl comb on 1st go. Evens curl comb on 2nd go. Then merge behind the odds.

Galactic: Orbit wave.

Garland: Bear out in a rein, tier, or waterfall.

Halfway: Halfway curl wave. It will throw the line into a rein.

Mel: Odds curl comb, evens comb. On the 2nd go odds will curl away from lead.

Milly: Mill curl wave.

Mist: Half of a fate but curl over for the other half.

Paradise: A comb revolve.

Pick Up Curl: You can do any curl, but finish off with the finishing gait to that curl.

Rake: Curl then slant comb.

Reflect: Turn away from the other line at mid.

Repel: Turn away from the other line, go to nearest diagonal.

Retreat Curl: Curl then curl over immediately.

Revolve: Curl over around your partner in a comb.

Snake: Comb on the 1st go, curl over towards your lead on the other "goes" continue this until the commander tells you to merge.

Spider Curl: You can do any curl, but keep curling until 2nd go to exit.

Sprinkles: Keyhole the way the commander says in a tier. Both lines will end up in a double comb, going the same direction.

Squiggle: Dodge then curl over again. (One go).

Stalker: Dodge thread. Storm: Mist wave.

Switchback: Dodge in, inside a rein, tier, or waterfall.

Winds: Odds retreat, curl, evens mist.

That wraps up my Intermediate Dressage tutorial!

Be sure to watch the video tutorial below so you can see how to do each move properly.

And, so you don't forget what you saw, I've made you a quick print out that you can download and keep in your SSD binder for easy reference!

Head over to my Dressage Mastery Series, here to download and print that out.

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