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Inside a Metal Queens SSD Dressage Lesson!

Inside a Metal Queens SSD Dressage Lesson

Today I'm taking you inside a Metal Queens SSD Dressage Lesson!

The Queens are working on our Follow moves.

Follow moves are when the lead does a move and the rest of the line follows the lead.

This makes it pretty easy for the rest of the line to learn and perfect each Follow move.

You can see our enter SSD Dressage Lesson in the video, below.

The first Follow move is Peak.

Peak is when you cut away from the arena at a slant. Then you do a sharp turn and slant directly back to the wall. It's a serpentine type of move with a sharp turn from the wall back to the wall.

The next Follow move is Hill.

Hill is just like Peak but with a softer, curved turn.

Whenever you're doing Follow moves off of the wall, you always want to line them up with the letters on the walls of the arena so your moves remain nice and accurate.

During our practice, my Leader Vic lead the line through Hill. She moved off of K and curved the line gently to H from the very center of the arena.

Hill has a more traditional serpentine curve in the middle of it.

While it's on my mind, one of the things I get asked a lot is if my club uses Discord to communicate and coordinate our moves.

No, we do not use Discord and I do not require Discord.

We do all of our Dressage lessons in the chat.

I know a lot of the Elite Dressage clubs require and use Discord.

Metal Queens does not.

It's one of the reasons why I created Metal Queens, for those, like me, who do not use and do not like Discord.

Ok, back to the Dressage lesson...

The next Follow move the Queens worked on was Double Peak.

Double Peak is the exact same thing as Peak but you do two of them on the same side of the wall.

My Leader Vic lead the Queens from K into the center of the arena, between K and B. Then, she curved the line up to B bringing the Queens back to the wall at B. From there she curved the line back down to the center of the arena, between B and F, then did a final curve back to the wall finishing the move at F.

You can see this exact move demonstrated in the video below.

The next Follow move we worked on was Double Hill.

Double Hill is exactly like Double Peak, but instead of a sharp turn the line is going to do more of a curving turn at the top of each hill.

This Dressage lesson is pretty much just a refresher for my club and to help the newer members master our Dressage moves.

I like to have my leaders practice leading the line through Follow moves to increase their confidence and their skill set.

So throughout this lesson I switched line leaders to give each of them a chance to improve their leading skills and gain more confidence leading a large line.

It's also great for the rest of the club, because in order to perform as a club they need to work together, learn proper timing, and patience.

The next Follow move we worked on was Infinity.

Infinity is a really cool move if you have a big line because it looks epic!

In the first go the lead will cut the direction said.

In the second go they will belt right.

On the third go, passing the halfway point, the lead will belt left.

On the fourth go the lead will belt right.

And on the final go the commander will call out "Go AM" or "Go Line" which means at mid.

You do Infinity at the center of the arena and you head back the way you were previously going. As the line gets to the end of the routine, you will see Infinity forming.

In the video below you will see my Leader Cone take the Queens through Infinity.

The next move is JoJo lead by my Leader's Swifty and Vic.

JoJo is an oval split at the wall with the odds passing inside the evens, so closer to the letter.

When both sides complete the split and come together in the center of the arena the two lines will merge at A and head towards B.

If you have a larger line doing JoJo, you'll want the shape of your JoJo much bigger so everyone fits.

If you have a smaller line, make your JoJo super tight.

Throughout our practices I have the Queens walk on pre so they don't crash at halting and it keeps everything nice and tight.

If you're having issues with your club members crashing when they halt, I highly recommend having them walk on pre. Give it a try!

The next move we worked on was a JoJo Pass.

A JoJo Pass is the same as JoJo, but instead of merging at the letter, and coming back up the middle of the arena, you will have them split at the wall and continue on without merging.

The next Follow move Deck is done in a rein, tear, or waterfall.

The leads on go will circle out away from each other without touching.

On the second go they will merge into one solid line.

You can also do circle moves while in Deck and your commander can hold the Deck circle shape for as long as they want. They can call out the second go later or they can call it out right away.

In the video below, my Leader Birb is leading the line in Deck as the entire club merges into one line.

The merge was a little tight, but they weren't clumping, so that was good!

The last move the Queens worked on was Kryptonite, which is Trade.

You want to think of Trade as an S shape. This was a newer move that we worked on for the remainder of our SSD Dressage lesson.

That wraps up a look inside a Metal Queens SSD Dressage lesson! I hope this helped you.

Be sure to check out the Inside a Metal Queens SSD Dressage Lesson video below!

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