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Huge Star Stable SSO Shopping Spree!

Huge Star Stable SSO Horse Shopping Spree

I bought 10,000 Star Coins during Double Star Coin Weekend on Star Stable.

I went shopping for some horses, tack... and maybe a few other things.

Did I spend all 10,000 Star Coins?

Let's find out!


The first thing I bought was an old model American Quarter Horse. He was around 400 Star Coins.

If he was more expensive I probably would not have bought him.

His name is Dark Dash and he's going to be my racing horse.

One of the things I wanted to do was buy all of the Epona Friesians!

So I purchased a beautiful brown chestnut Epona Friesian mare for around 900 Star Coins.

I named her Coffee Queen.

I also purchased a beautiful silver Epona Friesian mare.

Her name is Silver Queen which fits her perfectly!

Then I went over to the Warmbloods and purchased a Jorvik Warmblood for 800 Star Coins.

I must admit, I wasn't going to purchase this horse at all but then I saw his coat coloring and knew he'd look stunning in our club tack.

I named him Rock Star in keeping with the Metal Queens vibe.

I also purchased an adorable Icelandic and named him Noble King.

I went back over to the Epona Friesians because I really wanted to purchase all of them.

I have to admit, at first I wasn't interested in the grey Epona Friesian mare with the reddish mane, but then I stood next to her and I really liked her! So... I bought her, too!

I named her Crimson Crown because of her reddish mane.

Now I have all of the Epona Sport Horse Friesians!

Those are all of the horses I bought.

Next I went and got some tack...


I bought a blue cowboy saddle pad, a couple of sets of leg wraps, a midnight blue mane bow, and a midnight blue tail bow.


I also bought a black beanie for myself.

And that's everything I bought with my 10,000 Star Coins during my Huge Star Stable SSO Shopping Spree!

I did pretty well. I only spent about half of my Star Coins!

I'm going to buy the new American Quarter Horse on the app, so stay tuned for that video.

Be sure to check out my shopping video below if you want to see everything I got.

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