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Huge Galloper's Keep Halloween Shopping Spree

Huge Star Stable SSO Horse Shopping Spree

So a new Halloween update was just released on Star Stable!

Halloween is my favorite time of the year! I love this holiday!

Today I'm taking you on a Huge Galloper's Keep Shopping Spree!

Let's check out some of the horses in Galloper's Keep!

Pepita Magic Pumpkin Horse

The first horse I purchased at Galloper's Keep for 850 Star Coins was the Pepita Magic Pumpkin horse!

The Pepita horses are Fjord's and cold tolerant, which is nice.

I named him Pumpkin King. Very creative... I know!

He has a strength of 4, a discipline of 2, a swiftness of 0, an endurance of 0, and an agility of 1.

Woodear Magic Fungi Horse

The next horse I purchased is the Woodear Magic Fungi horse.

She was 850 Star Coins.

She has a strength of 4, a discipline of 2, a swiftness of 0, an endurance of 0, and an agility of 1.

Like the Pepita horses, the Woodear horses are also Fjord's and cold tolerant.

I named my Fungi horse Swamp Queen! I think that suits her perfectly!

Tombhoof Skeleton Horse

The next horse I bought is so stunning!

She's the Tombhoof Skeleton horse.

She's an American Quarter horse.

I already had a name picked out for her. I named her Hollow Queen! After all, she is a skeleton horse and you can see through her. I thought that name suited her well.

She has a strength of 1, a discipline of 3, a swiftness of 0, an endurance of 1, and an agility of 3.

She cost 950 Star Coins.

Kind of sad, but exciting, all of my horses are trained except for those 3 new horses.

If you want to see the 3 horses I purchased during my Huge Galloper's Keep Halloween Shopping Spree, check out the video below!

So while I was at Galloper's Keep I went on a little shopping spree! There are so many things to buy!

If you want to see everything I bought... you guessed it! Check out the video below.

I purchased...

  • A pair of Will-O'-Whiskers Leggings

  • A Will-O'-Whiskers Cat Mask

  • A Will-O'-Whiskers Saddle Pad

  • Crimson Count Leg Wraps

  • Will-O'-Whiskers Leg Wraps

I didn't buy whole outfits, just pieces of whole outfits. I like making new outfits out of them.

I love the Halloween items. They're so amazing! You can pair them with other things. So, I bought more stuff...

  • A Galloper's Grisly Blanket

  • Galloper's Grisly Leg Wraps

  • A Skeleton Shirt

  • Skeleton Pants

I almost forgot to get a Witch Hat! I'll probably never wear it, but it's cute so I got it while I have the Star Coins!

I also bought...

  • A Spooky Bat T-Shirt

  • A Spider Blanket

  • A Spider Bridle

  • A Spider Saddle Pad

  • A Spooky Pumpkin Brooch

  • A Crimson Count Saddle Pad

  • A Spider Mask

  • A Skeleton Mask

I told you this was a HUGE shopping spree!

I was afraid to open my backpack because my Star Coin bank took a major hit at Galloper's Keep!

But I still wasn't done...

I also bought...

  • A Plague Mask

  • A Pumpkin Mask

  • A Harlequin Mask

  • A Alien Mask

I forget about the pets! And, I have 5,000 Star Coins left!

I bought two of the pets. I bought the Spooky Sprout and the Skete-Cat.

I spent the rest of my time in Galloper's Keep exploring and looking for places where I could lock up the Queens! Kidding, not kidding. No, kidding!

And, doing some of the races.

Did you know... after you finish the races you can get shards for them? You turn those in and you can get the Halloween outfit for this year.

Before I logged off I went back to Moorland and found another shop!

I bought more stuff..

  • Orange Halloween Leggings

  • A Black Halloween Hat

I finally pulled myself away from the shops and did some pumpkin hunting!

I hope you enjoyed my Huge Galloper's Keep Halloween Shopping Spree! My Star Coins are really crying now.

Don't forget to check out the video below to see everything I bought and join me in exploring Galloper's Keep!

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