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How to Own a Dressage Club

How to Own a Dressage Club

I want to give you a few tips on how to own a successful Dressage club on Star Stable!

My first tip is to be an active owner.

You have no idea how many clubs I've seen fall apart because their owner is not active enough.

If you want to be an active owner I suggest you log on to Star Stable at least three times a day.

It's super important that you're checking your Star Stable mail, too. I check mine twice a day.

You're going to receive questions from your club members and those wanting to join your club.

It's also super important that you make it to your club practices whenever you have them scheduled.

And if you can't make it, make sure you tell your club members!

If you're going to own a Dressage club on Star Stable, you've got to know Dressage.

So my second tip is you must know Dressage.

If you're going to own a successful Dressage club you need to know, at the least, advanced Dressage, but preferably Elite Dressage.

Because if you don't, no one is going to want to join your club because you can't teach them anything.

If you don't know advanced or Elite Dressage, then I suggest you go join another club so you can gain the experience and knowledge you need to eventually own your own Dressage club.

My third tip is to get yourself out there.

You can get yourself out there with social media.

You can advertise your club in Global Chat.

You can set up an Instagram for your club.

You can start a YouTube channel for your club, like I did for Metal Queens.

You can host open Dressage events...

Just be creative with it and over time your club will get more popular.

My fourth tip for owning a Dressage club on Star Stable is to have a good name and club uniform.

Since you're forming a Dressage club, you want your club uniform to be classy, and your club name to be catchy.

It helps if your club name is short, sweet, and to the point. It should be easy to remember and also fun.

My fifth tip is to have level requirements.

Having level requirements helps to make sure your line gaps stay nice and tight.

Let's say I have a level 20 and a level 8.

If I put the level 8 behind the level 20 in the line, their gaps are going to be huge.

The level 20 is going to be faster then the level 8.

The level 8 will have to keep cantering to catch up and fill in the gaps and your Dressage line is going to look terrible.

When you have level requirements you end up having riders at about the same speed, so the gaps stay tighter.

For Metal Queens I have a level requirement of 17, with most of our club members riding at a level 19 or 20.

My sixth tip is to set up a team of Dressage instructors.

For the most part, the club owner should teach all of the group Dressage lessons.

If anyone wants a private lesson, you can have your team of instructors handle those so you can focus on other club tasks.

And, for my final tip, as a club owner, you should always have a goal and be creative with your lessons!

Don't do the same thing all the time.

Don't make it boring.

Do field Dressage, off rail Dressage, do Dressage in Epona... change it up every now and then to keep your club fresh and fun for both you and your club members!

I hope you found these quick tips on how to own a Dressage club on Star Stable helpful.

You can check out the video I did on how to own a Dressage club, below.

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