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How to Instruct SSO Dressage

How to Instruct SSO Dressage

Today I'm going to share a few tips that have helped me to instruct SSO Dressage effectively.

I hope you find them helpful!

My first tip is to command in caps.

Some Star Stable players think when you command in caps you're being rude or yelling at your members. This is false.

You want to command in caps so it's easier for your members to see your instructions.

Caps stand out in the chat.

When commanding Dressage, it's super important that your members are able to see your commands quickly.

This way they can easily see the move and they can do it accurately.

If your members can't see your commands easily and quickly, they'll either miss commands, or perform them late, screwing up the entire line.

This is especially important when you're commanding a large club.

Moving on to my second tip... command for screen delay.

As you know, screen delay is a huge factor in Star Stable Dressage.

Screen delay puts you one horse length behind on everyone's screens.

On your own screen, you actually appear one horse length ahead.

You have to call out the moves early because your members are way ahead of where you think they are on your screen.

My third tip is to establish rules while doing Dressage.

So, for example, one rule would be no talking during Dressage.

And, if your members talk, make sure to have reinforcements in place to make sure they follow those rules.

For example, giving out Dressage warnings and / or club warnings. taking away points for ranking up... things like that.

You can check out the post and video I did about Dressage rules for your club, here.

Now the next tip is super important... be more strict with bigger lines.

You want to be strict with bigger lines because there's more people there.

Because there's more people, there's a greater chance of people talking over you, causing chaos, not listening, etc...

If they're not listening they're going to mess up the rest of the line and distract the members who are listening.

That's why you want to be strict.

My next tips falls in line with the last one... make sure you're strict, not mean.

There's a fine line between them.

I give you a really good example of the difference in the video below. Be sure to check that out.

Now this tip does not happen enough with most club owners or commanders... make sure you praise your members!

It doesn't matter if they've been struggling with a move for a week.

Everyone has something positive to contribute, and a Dressage move they're fabulous at.

Praise them for those things.

Show them respect and make sure they know they're valued.

My seventh tip is to split your group lessons.

I suggest you have your club instructors teach your newer members beginner to intermediate moves. The ones that your club uses.

All clubs are different and use different beginner and intermediate moves.

For Metal Queens, our club instructors are responsible for giving group lessons to new members.

The instructors will teach them beginner to intermediate Dressage moves.

When new members master those moves, they move into the advanced and elite group and that is the group that I personally teach.

This makes it so much easier for the members and the commanders.

My last tip is to host different Dressage events.

You don't want your lessons to get boring.

Be creative! Host them in different locations.

For example, you could do field Dressage, off rail Dressage, Dressage in the different riding arenas all around Jorvik.

Just have fun with it!

Those are my main tips for how to instruct SSO Dressage.

I see a lot of club owners struggle with those, so I wanted to put something together to help out!

Be sure to check out the video on how to instruct SSO Dressage, below.

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