• Quinn Ponylord

How To Do Pick Up Curls

Intro to SSO Dressage

This segment on How to do Pick Up Curls is one of the segments in my Dressage Mastery Series.

Pick Up Curls are more intermediate Dressage moves on Star Stable.

If you're a beginner just starting out with Star Stable Dressage, this tutorial will help you to learn and master Pick Up Curls that some Elite Dressage clubs use in SSO!

How to do Pick Up Curls will teach you more intermediate SSO Dressage Fundamentals.

In this tutorial we'll focus on finishing curls in beginning gaits.

For these curls you need to set up your Table Spacing.

You can do a Pick Up Curl with any curl you change gaits with.

For example... if you do an Orbit Curl it's a Walk-Curl then a Canter-Curl.

But with a Pick Up Orbit Curl, you keep cantering since that's the finishing gait of that curl.

Again, you can do a Pick Up Curl with any curl.

On go you do the original move and keep at your finishing gait.

That wraps up my How to do Pick Up Curls tutorial!

Be sure to watch the video tutorial below so you can see how to do each move properly.

And, so you don't forget what you saw, I've made you a quick print out that you can download and keep in your SSD binder for easy reference!

Head over to my Dressage Mastery Series, here to download and print that out.

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