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How To Do Advanced Curls & Transitions

How to do Advanced Curls & Transitions

This segment on How to do Advanced Curls & Transitions is also part of my Dressage Mastery Series.

If you're a beginner just starting out with Star Stable Dressage, this tutorial will help you to learn and master the moves that most Dressage clubs use in SSO!

If you've been around awhile, you'll know most of these advanced curl Dressage moves, and this tutorial will be a good refresher for you!

How to do Advanced Curls & Transitions will teach you some additional SSO Dressage curl moves.

In this tutorial we'll focus on multi-move curls while transitioning between gaits.

Curl X

Do your curl and right when you change your gait you rear up. Make sure you're slanted to the wall, this helps with transitions.

Double Curl

Two trotting curls.

Triple Curl

Walk curl, a trot curl, and a canter curl.

Mill Curl (I-Curl)

Walk curl and a trot curl.

Orbit Curl

Walk curl and a canter curl.

Bee Curl

Trot curl and a canter curl.

Twig Curl

Two goes. On the first go do a C-Curl and halt. Then, go into a backwards curl then trot onward.

That wraps up my How to do Advanced Curls & Transitions tutorial!

Be sure to watch the video tutorial below so you can see how to do each curl properly.

And, so you don't forget what you saw, I've made you a quick print out that you can download and keep in your SSD binder for easy reference!

Head over to my Dressage Mastery Series, here to download and print that out.

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