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How To Chat On Star Stable When You're Chat Banned

How To Chat On Star Stable When You're Chat Banned

If you're playing Star Stable then you're all too familiar with the Star Stable chat system and being chat banned.

The Star Stable chat filters are pretty strict, which is a good thing. It's for the safety of the players.

The chat filters do a pretty good job of blocking inappropriate language and behavior, bulling, and teasing.

It also stops you from sharing personal information. This is a BIG no-no on the internet - Star Stable included!

And, it helps to keep the creeps off of the platform.

What the chat filters are not good at is identifying innocent mistakes like typos.

Sometimes, you'll accidently spell something wrong, especially if you're typing quickly, and the next thing you know, you're chat banned and you technically didn't violate any Star Stable chat rules.

This can be very frustrating. Trust me, I know first hand!

Try owning a large Star Stable Club and being chat banned for 7 days! Not good!

With chat bans lasting for just a couple of hours to days or weeks at a time, this can definitely be a problem on a social game platform like Star Stable.

If you're in a Star Stable club, and you're chat banned, you can't communicate with your club.

Being chat banned makes it almost impossible to play the game with others.

So what do you do?

Is there a way to communicate when you're chat banned on Star Stable?

I'm going to share some chat ban codes so you can chat... sort of... when you've been chat banned on Star Stable.

Write these down and keep them some place handy.

I recommend you keep a Star Stable binder nearby. Because, if you haven't been chat banned yet, your time is coming!

  • Hi = Do a sliding stop

  • Telling someone you're chat banned = Have your horse rear, a lot!

  • Yes = Rear one time.

  • No = Shake your horse.

  • I don't know = Have your horse backup.

  • Let's do something = Have your horse jump around.

  • Leaving to go do something else = Get off of your horse and kneel.

  • Follow me = Walk away while having your horse rear.

  • Laughing = Trot in a circle.

  • AFK = Get off your horse and move your rider in a circle.

  • GTG = Full pivot your horse.

  • I'm bored = Gallop in a circle.

Those are the most common chat ban codes among Star Stable players.

Please share this with your Star Stable friends so everyone can learn how to chat on Star Stable when you're chat banned.

Be sure to check out the Star Stable chat banned video below where I demonstrate the chat ban moves for you.

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