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Fundamental Star Stable Club Rules

Fundamental Star Stable Club Rules

Owning a Start Stable Dressage club is tons of fun, but it's not easy!

Being a Star Stable Dressage club member can be equally challenging, especially when you're new to a club and trying to learn not only the Dressage moves, but club rules, and the Star Stable lingo.

As you know, I own the club Metal Queens.

We're a large and very active Dressage club on Star Stable.

In order to keep things running smoothly for all the of the club members, and so I can spend less time managing the club and more time having fun with my club members, I put together this quick list of Fundamental Club Rules that every member of Metal Queens follows.

Whether you're a member of a Star Stable club, or the owner of a club on Star Stable, it's my hope that this makes your Star Stable life a little bit easier!

Fundamental Star Stable Club Rules

  • If you need to pass another member use a: !

  • If you don't know a move put a: ?

  • If you need to leave during practice put a: Afk (means Away From Keyboard)

  • No talking during practice as it distracts other club members and makes it harder for the commander to command the club.

  • Always use a happy / maxed horse.

Attending Practice

  • Must attend 3 practices per week.

  • If you can't attend a practice, you must let someone know so they can let the club owner know. Or mail a leader or the club owner directly.


We issue 2 types of warnings in Metal Queens: Club Warnings and Dressage Warnings.

We issue warnings for breaking the club rules, breaking Dressage rules, missing practices, goofing off during practice, excessive chatting during practice, being disruptive, being disrespectful and unkind, making fun of other club members, bullying, etc...

3 club warnings = you get removed from the club

3 Dressage warnings = you get ignored by the commander and the club for 1 day.

If someone is receiving excessive club or Dressage warnings, it's clear they are not a good fit for the club and they are permanently removed.

In Metal Queens, once a member is removed they are not allowed to return.

Star Stable is a super fun place to hang out with like-minded friends from all over the world!

Having a few key Fundamental Club Rules in place helps the club run smoothly so everyone can have a good time!

I put together a quick video outlining some of these fundamentals, below.

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