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Buying a New Jorvik Wild!

Reviewing the Black Epona Friesian

Today I went and checked out the NEW Jorvik Wild Horses!

They released 4 Jorvik Wilds today and are releasing the rest in a couple of weeks.

I was getting more info about them and found this post on Star Stable's Instagram:

"Hi StarFam! This week, a very special horse has found its way to Valedale! A rarely seen horse has emerged from the woods north of Mistfall. It’s the Jorvik Wild Horse, who’s looking for a rider to bond with! This primal horse has never been domesticated nor bred in captivity, but they have been known to approach humans of their liking to allow a bond to form. To be allowed to ride a Jorvik Wild Horse is a true honor - do you have what it takes to befriend one? You can find one horse in Fort Pinta, and three in Valedale for 975 Star Coins each."

The Jorvik Wild Horses are pretty pricey, but they're extremely detailed and they have a lot of unique features.

One of their unique features is they're all cold tolerant, so that's amazing!

I went over to Valedale to check out the three Jorvik Wilds that are available there.

There's a pretty palomino, a chunky brown and white, and a dapple gray with a blue tinted mane and tale!

They are so cute! I love how fluffy they are.

The Jorvik Wild Horses have a strength of 4, a discipline of 2, a swiftness of 0, an endurance of 0, and an agility is a 1.

The three available in Valedale have a level 9 restriction and you need 975 Star Coins to purchase them.

There's one more available over in Fort Pinta.

I think the one in Fort Pinta is my favorite so far!

She's a pretty dark brown, almost black color with a pretty ombre effect to her mane.

Her level restriction is a level one.

Everything else is the same as all of the other Jorvik Wilds Star Stable released in Valedale.

I love how the Jorvik Wilds are built. They're so fluffy but look so strong.

After giving it some thought, I'm going to wait until the others are released before I buy one.

Stay tuned...

You can check out all of the Star Stable Jorvik Wild Horses, here.

Be sure to check out all four of the NEW Jorvik Wild Horses, in the the video below!

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