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Beginner Dressage Part 1

Beginner Dressage Part 1

This is the first tutorial in my Beginner Dressage Series.

If you're new to Star Stable Dressage and/or Metal Queens, this tutorial will be very helpful!

You can see the Queens' demonstrating each of the Beginner Dressage moves in the video tutorial, below.

Be sure to check that out, because seeing the moves in action is often times easier to understand than just reading about them.

Also, be sure to visit my Dressage Mastery Series where I have a bunch more tutorials with free .pdf printouts for each series!

You can download them and keep them handy in your Star Stable Dressage binder!

Let's get started...

Cut AM

Cut through the middle of the arena directly across to the other side.

Dye AC

Cut through the arena on a diagonal, into the opposite corner.

Dye Divide

Split on the dye of the arena. When the line hits the middle of the arena, odds go one way and evens the other, both to the opposite corners of the arena.


Two lines connect from opposite corners and merge into one line.


Turn back into the arena.


Odds belt one way, evens belt the other.


First two riders comb and the rest follow. You're going to have two separate lines.


Two lines almost meet and tier beside.


Switch lines at a slanted comb. (2 goes)


Form a circle shape following your lead. Do not exit until the commander says to exit.


Riders alternate direction at the wall.

Curve Split

Split and curve to the nearest letters.


Split and go to the farthest dyes.


Split and form two ovals then merge.


Cut across the arena separately from the line.


Odds comb one way, evens the other,


Comb in a slanted angle.

Full Pivot

A complete 360 degree turn.

Half Pivot

A 180 degree turn. One half of a complete turn.

Quarter Pivot

A 90 degree turn. One half of a half turn.


Quarter pivot rear.

NTT Flat

Halt and line up beside the lead, alternating sides.

Wave Rear

Rear in order. (1 go)


Halt and form an arrow shape, alternating sides.


Flock is a backwards arrow.


Domino is half of an arrow or a flock. You only form one side of the arrow shape.

Watch the video demonstration here:

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