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Answering Your Questions

Answering Your Questions

I always get a bunch of questions in my Star Stable mail.

Every couple of months I gather them all up and answer them in a video.

I've found that many have the same questions so it helps to just answer them in a video so everyone can benefit.

I'm going to answer some of them here. You can check out the video where I answered them, below.

The first question is from Corinne Windstar. She wanted to know...

"How do you recommend teaching beginners? Would you say to teach them the moves by calling each move by itself or by giving them a mini routine and teach that to them?"

I wouldn't do a mini routine. I would rather teach them separate little moves by themselves. I would only give my competition team a routine. Especially if they're beginners. I would much rather see you teach them separate moves then one huge routine. They'll learn it quicker that way.

The next question is from Bella Meadowpaw. Bella asked...

"Will you ever make your videos adult friendly so that we can comment?"

Actually, they are adult friendly, I just have the comments turned off. The only way to reach me directly is through Star Stable mail. If I had commenting open on all of my social media channels, I'd never have time to actually play Star Stable or command my team, because I'd be responding to comments all. day. long!

A little tip for you... Always work smarter not harder! ~wink~

Bella asked a second question...

"Will you make an advanced Dressage video?"

Yes, we will. I just released my Intermediate Dressage video, you can check that one out here. Next we're recording advanced, elite, circle moves, and follow moves. We have a lot more Dressage training videos coming, so stay tuned!

Maggie Oakgoat asked two questions...

"Is Metal Queens full?"

Metal Queens is currently full. Be sure to follow me over on Instagram, here because that's where I'll announce when applications are open!

"What are your favorite Dressage moves?"

My favorite Dressage moves are machine, military, pyramid, roof top, collapse, hero, and stalker.

The two next questions are from Kate Golddeep. Kate asked...

"What gave you motivation to create Metal Queens?"

My main motivation in creating Metal Queens was to give everybody a nice Dressage place that does not require discord. There are so many Dressage clubs that require discord that I find it ridiculous and unfair. Metal Queens does not require discord and that was my main motivation for making this club. My second motivation for making Metal Queens was to teach people how to do proper Dressage.

And for her second question, Kate asked "What's it like owning Metal Queens?"

Honestly, owning Metal Queens is magnificent! Yes, it is extremely overwhelming and I'm extremely busy all the time but it is so, so worth it! I love seeing the Queens happy and how everybody just has that spark to to do Dressage. That's why I love owning Metal Queens!

The next question is from Harper Puppyway, she asked...

"Why do you like emo things such as the scar across your face, or just plain black and red outfits?"

It's not emo. I base my Star Stable rider off of Melinda May. If you don't know her, she's in Marvel Agents of Shield. If you're not familiar with that TV series, you can check it out, here. My horse's name, Bullet Blood is based off of that show, too. And, my favorite colors are red, black, and burgundy.

Addison Discoberg asked...

"What was your first club name?"

The first club I owned was named Dangerous Roses Generation. The first club I was in was Dangerous Sisters.

Addison also asked... "Do you like cats?"

Yup, I love cats.

Vilde Cloverton asked...

"How many clubs were you in before?

I was in 6 clubs before I created Metal Queens.

Lauren Icefall asked...

"How did you come up with the name Metal Queens."

I love rock and roll. And I wanted something that was rock and roll, yet classy. I wanted the outfit to be very classy with grey, black, and white. And I wanted the club to have a classy rock and roll vibe. So Metal Queens was the perfect name for that. And the group all agreed on the name, so that was great!

The last question is from Ava Sapphirekeep. She asked...

"Do you prefer Star Stable Dressage or real life Dressage?"

I would say Star Stable Dressage because of how many people you can do it with.

And that's it for this round of questions!

If you want to see the video that goes with this post, you can check it out below.

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