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Answering Your Assumptions Part 2

Answering Your Assumptions Part 2

Back in August I posted a video requesting your assumptions about me.

I received so many assumptions that I had to break up my responses into two blog posts (and videos)!

So this is part 2 of answering your assumptions about me.

Let's get into it...

The first assumption comes from Felicia Lakechild. Felicia assumes that I try to do Star Stable Dressage in real life. Yes I did and it did not work, at all!

The next assumption is pretty crazy. It comes from Claire Swordhope. She assumes I train my horses with Star Coins. No, I do not train my horses with Star Coins. As it is, I only have about 100 Star Coins. I'm always so broke on Star Stable, so there is no way I could afford to train my horses with Start Coins.

Isabel Youngleaf has two assumptions. She assumes I have reddish hair and that I ride horses. One of those is right, I do ride horses. But I don't have red hair.

The next assumption is from Tilda Zebrawood (Blossom). She assumes I'm into rock and roll and that's another reason why I named my club Metal Queens. Yes, I love rock and roll. I wanted a name that was classy, represented rock and roll, and had something to do with Queens... Dressage Queens.

The next two assumptions are from Brooke Silverstar. She assumes my favorite singer is Billie Eilish and that I sometimes regret the name Metal Queens. I like Billie Eilish but she is definitely not my favorite singer. I listen to lots of different bands and I don't have a favorite. As for the name Metal Queens, I do not regret that name at all. I really like it and think it represents us well!

Vilde Cloverton peppered me with assumptions... she assumes I love McDonald, I hate doing roles on sso, and I love pickles. I actually don't eat at McDonalds. I'm vegetarian. And for roles on Star Stable, it depends on what type of role play. And, as for pickles, I do love pickles. I'm obsessed with them!

These assumptions from Leia Ironwolf are interesting... her first assumption about me is that I'm goth or emo in real life, or I want to be. And her other assumption is that I'm very mature for my age. I'm not goth or emo in real life, but I do love leather jackets and darker colors. And yes, I guess I am pretty mature for my age.

Caroline Hummingbirdlake assumes that I secretly hate it when Metal Queens messes up. If you mean when doing Dressage? Well... it's not a secret. lol! Hopefully that answers your assumption.

The final assumption is from Piper Lowborn (Bird). Bird is one of my club members and she assumes that I get on Start Stable late at night and ride a pony and dress up like a princess and sing Sofia the First. I answered Bird's assumption in the video below!


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