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Answering Your Assumptions

Answering Your Assumptions

Back in August I posted a video requesting your assumptions about me.

It's always fun to see what people assume about me!

Sometimes the assumptions are funny, sometimes they're really weird, and sometimes they're spot on!

Today I'm answering your assumptions about me.

Let's get into it...

The first assumption comes from Luciana Emeraldgirl. Luciana assumes that my favorite club events are off rail dressage. Luciana is right! Yes they are. I love off rail dressage!

The next assumption comes from one of my club members, Skylar Wolfforest. Esme assumes that I really hate the new Marwari horses. She's right. I strongly dislike them.

The next assumption is from Viktoria Bravetree. She assumes I secretly want to disband Metal Queens so I can rename it. Absolutely not! I would never want to disband Metal Queens to change the name. I love our club name!

Nellie Icepath assumes that I love black, grey, and white. And, she is correct. Yes I do!

My next assumption is from Ava Windcrest. She assumes that I like training. Ava is correct! I love training. It's one of my favorite things to do on Star Stable.

Gillian Diamondtree assumes that Metal Queens is literally perfect at every single move shown in the videos. It's funny, I've been waiting to get this assumption. We literally can not get the beginner moves right without doing them 30 times, but the super hard Elite Dressage moves, we nail on the first try! I swear it is so weird! Beginner moves are hard for us and advanced moves are easy for us.

My next assumption comes from Layla Mountainpark. Layla assumes that I'm addicted to SSO Dressage. Yes I am. I love it!

Holly Roselake assumes Metal Queens is too much sometimes. Holly is correct. Yes, it can be for sure. I'm always talking to fans, answering mail, helping people with Dressage, helping my club with Dressage, filming, and editing videos. It can be a lot sometimes, but it's definitely worth it for sure.

My final assumption for this post is from Georgia Breezewalker. Walker is one of my club members and our club jokester. Walker assumes that I'm mean and I hate Agents of Shield. Walker knows better! Like I said, she's a jokester!

You can check out where I was answering your assumptions in the video below.


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