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2,000 Star Coin Star Stable SSO Shopping Spree!

2000 Star Coin Star Stable Shopping Spree

Hello! No surprise here, I went on another Star Stable shopping spree!

I mostly bought tack and rider clothing.

But I wanted a Lipizzaner, so I bought one!

I named him Sand Storm.

To be honest, I wasn't sure if I'd like this horse, but I really like him a lot.

His structure is really cool and his coloring is really unique.

Ok, so let me tell you about the horse tack I bought...

Horse Tack

I bought a few saddle pad sets.

The saddle pad sets come with a saddle pad and matching leg wraps.

I bought a mint green set, a beige set, an emerald green set, a baby blue set, and a yellow set.

I also bought an adorable set of watermelon mane and tail bows.

They are so cute and weren't that expensive.

I think I only paid 19 or 20 Star Coins for them.

I also bought a couple of sets of leg wraps.

I bought a black set and a burgundy set.

Rider Clothing

When I bought the mint green saddle pad set, I also picked up a matching shirt for me.

You guys know I never, ever, ever take off my black gorgeous sunglasses.

But, I saw a pair of brown explorer sunglasses and really wanted them, so I purchased those. They're super cute!

In addition to the mint green riding shirt to match the mint green saddle pad set, I also bought a pair of black riding pants with knee-high socks.

The riding pants and matching socks were pretty darn expensive, but definitely worth it.

I also bought a black leather jacket to complete my Star Stable leather jacket collection.

Next I bought a Star Stable training vest. It's very detailed and realistic. I really like it.

And the last thing I bought was a black western riding shirt.

I hardly ever ride western, but when I do, I'll have a proper shirt.

And that's everything I bought during my 2000 Star Coin Star Stable SSO Sopping Spree!

You can see everything I bought in the video below.

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