About Quinn

Hey Guys, welcome!


I enjoy everything Dressage and Star Stable! 


♛↠ Fun Facts About Me

↠ I LOVE & Rescue Senior Horses Irl

↠ I Ride Dressage Irl

↠ I Do Taekwondo MMA Irl

↠ I Love Organization
↠ I'm a Vegetarian Irl

↠ My Favorite Colors are Burgundy & Black

↠ My Favorite TV Shows are Marvel Agents Of Shield & Vampire Diaries 

↠ My Favorite Types of Movies are Psychological Thrillers

↠ My Favorite Types Of Music are Cinematic, Rock, & Pop

♛↠ Fun Star Stable Facts About Me

↠ I Joined Star Stable in August 2019

↠ Character Name: Quinn Ponylord
↠ My Nickname is May

↠ Server: Hazy Galaxy

↠ SSO Dressage Level: Elite Instructor

↠ Level: 21
↠ Club Owner of Metal Queens

↠ I Founded Metal Queens April 5, 2020

↠ The Metal Queens Club Colors are Gray, Black & White

↠ Favorite SSO Horses: Gen3 Friesians and the Gen2 Arabians!

♛↠ Recent Fan Questions

↠ What do you use to record your videos? I use Bandicam.

↠ What mic do you use? I use the built-in mic on my laptop or phone.

↠ What inspired you to make Metal Queens?  I love teaching and inspiring other people. I also wanted to make a non social media required Dressage club where all players could get the chance to join!

↠ Do you give Dressage lessons to people outside of your club? Unfortunately I do not give lessons to players outside of my club. However, my members occasionally give out lessons in Global chat! Keep an eye out for that!

↠ What are your favorite SSO Dressage moves? Machine, Battle, Delta, Queen & Atomic!

↠ What are the requirements to join Metal Queens? You'll find more information about my club, Metal Queens, including how to join, here. Looking forward to meeting you! 

↠ When do applications open to join Metal Queens?  Applications to join Metal Queens usually open once a month if we’re not full. Keep an eye out on my YouTube or Instagram stories. I will announce when they’re open there!

↠ How do you post everyday on YouTube? I post everyday simply because I adore making YouTube videos! I find them super enjoyable to create. I also have a pretty good schedule which allows me to do so.

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